Live ants shipped direct to your door


Hmmm so you need some live western harvester ants which happen to be on sale.  Well a little info about them.  We cannot ship queen ants as it is illegal.  Now on to the good stuff.

Please note: Our Ant Farm ants are not what you find outside your house, in the park grazing on some leftovers.  Those are generally not suitable for your antworks habitat or formicarium .  These can escape and do not tunnel. Our Ants are ideal for all kinds of formicariums including the Original ant farm by uncle milton.  These make great animals for science experiments and home school projects.

ANT SHIPMENTS WILL NOT BE RESENT IF DOA UNLESS PRIORITY MAIL AND A HEAT-COLD PACK ARE ORDERED . All red Ant orders are wrapped in newspaper in a vial please do not throw them away thinking they are packing.

Live Ants for One Farm

For Farms, houses, bearded dragons or whatevery you want to use the ants for.

2 order live ants


Approximately 40-50 live harvester ants. 

Live Ants for Canadian Customer Canada Only Live Ants Canada Only Live Ants

Approximately 25 ants

Science Kit Ants

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Uses for ants in school projects for science kits

Science Project Ant Farm and Music

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Get a ant farm and place your ants inside. Very easy to do and provides months of stimulating conversation and enjoyment.