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Colors of life Ant Habitat

So you want  something a little off the wall and unique when it comes to insect kits and ant farms.  Fascinations has made the Colors of life as the new addition to their live bug ant habitats.


The colors of life harvester ant habitat is a stunning thing to look at when the led base starts it's magic.

As one color of the led light base begins another is ending creating a kaleidoscope of colors.  Your live ants look hippy or is that trippy.

Fascinations Colors of life Specifications:

  • Each antworks habitat comes with a starter stick which will enable you to poke started holes for your ants to begin digging and creating the tunnels.
  • 110V led base with the rgb leds
  • Clear gel space age antworks gel.

The gel provides all of the food and water for your ants.  No need to ever worry about the ants getting away and making a b-line to the kitchen to steal your food.

*Note*  Please remember if you are going to buy live ants from us you need to get the options as well to ensure live arrival.

Colors Of Life

The newest ant habitat is the colors of life.  Purchase live ants and you are ready to watch a party begin.