Live Ants For sale

Buy LIVE ANTS for sale right now! Our LIVE Red Western Harvester Ants are ideal for all Ant Farms Including Uncle Miltons and the Fascinations Antworks, Insect lore and for Science Fair Projects on Ants. These insects are great for sand ant farms and ant gel habitats as well.
Watch the social aspact of the ant colony as they create wonderful tunnels and ant hills.

Learn about how an ant creates a tunnel and the specic jobs of feeder ants and the queen ant.

Try science experiments and see what do live ants like to eat or does levels of light affect the behavior of the ant colony. We offer one of the largest selctions of ant farms around and all are on sale.

Ants for Sale

Buy as many live ants vials as you need for your ant farm or for horned lizard food.  All of our live western harvester ants are great for any type of gel or sand habitats..