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Customer Gen. Question on Live Span of Live Ands and Replacement Ant Gel

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Hi there,

I've very interested in buying one of these gel ant farms. They're pretty awesome.

My question is though can you give me some more information about the gel in the habitat.
I know the ants eat it and thus require no food or water. They live off of the gel. However, how long would a farm with approx 20 ants in it last.

 Ants live approx 3-6 months in the Nasa Space age gel.


 Also when the ants are fed up making tunnels does that mean they no longer eat the gel and just die? No as there is always little pieces in the habitat container for them to feed on


Is the gel available to be purchased on it's own or do you need to buy a new farm when the gel is past it's prime?
Once the ants eat all of the gel the farm is rendered useless i imagine.
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