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General Tunnelvision Question

Moisture, feeding ants, and tunel vision connectivity with other ant works .



 For ease of following I will just answer afer the questions below


From: David xxxx [mailto:xxx]
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 12:34 PM
Subject: Tunnelvision


Hi, I am interested in the tunnelvision connectable and have a couple questions. First, I already have an up-and-running antworks, if I buy the tunnelvision will it be able to connect (I don't have any 'port holes' so I'm guessing not) 

No you will not be able to connect tunnelvisions to existing habitats as there are not ports in any units besides the space age tunnel vision


. Second, do the tunnelvisions come connected or can I connect them when I want to?  Tunnelvisions do not come connected you can only connect them to each other  but they do NOT have to be connected



I also have a few questions, in general, about Antworks. After finishing tunneling, my colony stays at the bottom, is there anything I can do to stimulate them?


Keep them a tad warmer and open up the unit for air daily 


Should I add seeds or fruit for them to eat?


No as bacteria may grow in the farm - community space age habitat


Poke a new tunnel hole?

No But replacement gel may be bought @


etc. Also, I see moisture forming on the top and even water droplets in some of the tunnels, should I place the antworks in a drier area/wipe away the moisture on the top? 

No this is normal for the product to relase moisture for the ants slowly and trap moisture in the ant Works I think that's about it. Any help would be very appreciated.


Thanks again,