Colors Of Life

The newest ant habitat is the colors of life.  Purchase live ants and you are ready to watch a party begin. http://www.insectkits.com/

Watch the ants farm and eat the space age gel and the social interations of the day to day life in an ant colony.
The Antworks colors of life offers you easy viewing in the daytime with the clear gel which will enable you to take stunning pictures.

Best part of the Fascinations Colors of life habitat is the led base.  This base will enable you to view the ants  at any time.

Switch on the 110V antbase and you are ready to rock.  We love this as it makes a gret night light for younger children.  Don't worry though if you know over this habitat the lid stays on due to the design of this.

Great features compared to a sand ant farm.

  • No need to feed your live ants.  Especially with younger children this is a huge plus.  The space age antgel provides food as well as water for your critters.
  • The gel features a mold inhibitor as well which makes it a great alternative to sand based units.  No more dead ants ruining the replacement sand media.
  • Viewing the colors of life is actually fun in the daytime or night since it has what i like to call party mode with its led illuminated base.

Comes with ant FAQ book so you can learn about ants.  You also get your starter stick, gel habitat and the led illuminator base.

Please note a queen ant cannot be shipped with your antworks habitat ANTWCOL.  That is kind of good though as you do not want 10000 harvester ants populating your house!!.